Stone stanley


Stone stanley

Stone Stanley is a Southern California based folksinger who musically blends soulful vocals with traditional reggae and delta blues to anchor his sound.  To achieve this, Stone plays a Weissennborn (acoustic lap) guitar along with electric BR-9 Gibson lap guitar (’55).  When playing roundneck, the acoustically rooted songwriter often employs a pair of newer Martin guitars.


The Stone Stanley Band, as opposed to his solo work, consists of many players past and present…and future for that matter.  Among the list of contributors and most notably gifted artists Stone has performed and recorded with include Juan Nelson, Preston Nelson, Rock Deadrick, Carlos Rojas, Brent Farr…and a slew of other brilliant artists and musicians Stanley has had the honor of working with and performing alongside.  Stone Stanley also performs many shows solo.  It’s the intimate connection with the audience that keeps him performing as a solo act.


The self titled debut album (2011) was co-produced by Stone and longtime friend and bass player extraordinaire, Juan Nelson (Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals) at Red Star Studios (Los Angeles, Ca).  Right now recording has begun for Stone Stanley’s second album, titled Mind Magic.  Stanley can be found touring the Pacific Coast from Spokane Washington to San Diego Ca, as well as performing regularly in the greater southern California area from Joshua Tree to San Diego.



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